Most Popular Construction Services

Despite the rising popularity in DIY, when it comes to larger projects, people still turn to construction companies to ensure the job is done correctly. You pay for the service and expertise that come with it and they will be able to help if something goes wrong. No matter what type of construction service you are undertaking, it is essential that you have a reputable surveyor company on board such as Techsol Surveyors in Ireland.

They have proven skills and experience as well as professional tools to get the job done. You can be certain that the finished works have been properly planned and well-constructed.

It will be in budget and finished by the agreed deadline – something you can’t be certain of with your own project. Here are some of the most popular services provided:

House Extensions

There are plenty of houses on the market today that are in a great location, but an outdated layout makes it feel small and claustrophobic. It’s a worthwhile investment yet is just a bit too small.

Or sometimes the arrival of a new family member means you need more space to accommodate a little one. Instead of going through the stress and expense of moving house, you can invest in an extension and stay in the place you love.

New Builds

Maybe you have found an amazing deal on a plot of land or perhaps you can’t find a house on the market that fits your specifications. This is why more people are opting to build their property with the guarantee it will be the perfect home.

A construction company will be able to design a beautiful home with the layout you have always dreamed of. They will also do all the admin of applying for permits, sourcing subcontractors, and making sure it follows all regulations.


Perhaps you inherited a house or maybe it is an investment property – either way, it needs a lot of work. A construction company will be able to offer professional advice on the best way to utilize the space.

Whether you are looking to redesign the whole house or enhance outdated features, a company will be able to help. They will also be able to assign a budget and make sure your expectations match the cost.


This can be a monumental project that is difficult to undertake without experience and resources. A ground investigation is a legal requirement for most local authorities and needs to be undertaken before work can start.

They will be able to find potential defects and let you know if the ground is unstable or contaminated. Once this is finished, you can begin the excavations and foundations.