What Is Plant Machinery?

For a term that is used so frequently, it seems unusual that there is some confusion over what the actual definition is. Even when you search it – there can be multiple answers which doesn’t help clarify and can lead to more confusion.

However, it can be assumed that plant machinery can be defined as factory or heavy-duty machinery. The word plant is a derivative of the Latin word ‘plantare’ which means it is fixed in place – therefore referring to the machinery that stays on a construction site.

It can’t be operated by hand and is usually quite large. Here is a list of the most common plant machinery you will find on most building sites.

Excavation Machines

These are a necessity for laying a strong foundation that will be durable for years to come. If the site requires a basement, underground parking lot, or any sort of below-ground structure then you will have to use one.

They can also come as a combination digger and excavator which will allow you to dig and move the rubble at the same time. Getting a combination machine saves time and money while allowing work to progress faster.

Moving/Loading Machines

These are a staple machine as the construction process will create a lot of rubble. Instead of trying to use manual labor – a process that is both tiring and non-efficient – investing in a machine like a backhoe loader will improve the site dramatically.

You can use it to do both digging and loading, as well as relying on it to move large items without a problem. The other popular option is a crawler loader as it combines an excavator with a backhoe so is a multipurpose vehicle.

Transport Machines

Once you have moved said rubble and other waste by-products, you will need to take it to the tip or other locations. That is why it is ideal to get one that can be driven both on-site and on roads to save the unnecessary cost of another vehicle.

While on-site, it needs to be versatile enough to transport a wide range of necessary materials from panels to bricks to concrete to water. This will save unnecessary trips on foot and ensure the right resources are in the right place.

Lifting Machines

These are like the movers and loaders mentioned previously, but they are more specialized. These machines can help you move things above ground level and save you relying on a lift, which can be a slow process.

You can easily move heavy beams and other machinery that is required across the site. Larger projects will invest in a crane and rely on it heavily however it does require a skilled person to operate it.